Tesla’s Elon Musk Announces Affordable Home Energy Storage System

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The electric car company Tesla has announced its entry into the energy market, unveiling a suite of low-cost solar batteries for homes, businesses and utilities, “the missing piece”, it said, in the transition to a sustainable energy world.

The batteries, which will retail at $3,500 in the US, were launched on Thursday at a Tesla facility in California by the company’s ambitious founder, Elon Musk, who heralded the technology as “a fundamental transformation [in] how energy is delivered across the Earth”

Wall-mounted, with a sleek design, the lithium-ion batteries are designed to capture and store up to10kWh of energy from wind or solar panel. The reserves can be drawn on when sunlight is low, during power cuts or at peak demand times, when electricity costs are highest.’  (The Guardian – Friday 1st May 2015)

  • This could be a significant step towards maximising small scale renewable energy systems, storing excess power during sunny and windy periods, for use later.
  • The low cost makes it a viable option for people who are serious about combating climate change and reducing reliance on fossil fuel energy.
  • The battery system is said to be scalable to provide grid energy storage in addition to distributed domestic storage.

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